Tooth Whitening Products

At Harbour City Dental Hygiene we provide professional tooth whitening service, using the following Perfecta Rev! and Pola Office products.

Take Home Whitening Perfecta Rev!

Professional Teeth Whitening Kit with 14% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel. Perfecta Rev! Gel is the strongest At-Home bleaching gel available with a patented 14% hydrogen peroxide formula that delivers proven whitening results with the shortest wear time of any professional whitening product.

  • Rev! gel is water based to hydrate the teeth as it whitens and to avoid thermal sensitivity naturally.
  • Rev! Finishing Rinse is a refreshing mouth rinse that is formulated for use immediately after Rev! gel.
    • Specially buffered formula immediately accelerates the breakdown of the gel into its active components, providing an added boost to the final whitening effect.
    • Rinsing safely removes residual gel from teeth and any soft tissue.
    • Contains an advanced form of Vitamin C which promotes healthy teeth and gingival
    • Contains Pentasodium Triphosphate, a sequestering ingredient that helps to “lift and remove” enamel stain.
    • Alcohol-free, cool mint flavor which leaves the mouth clean and refreshed after every treatment.

Chairside Whitening Pola Office Professional Whitening

Chair side Whitening Pola Office Professional Whitening

Pola Office Professional Whitening uses a 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel. Pola Office Chair side Professional Tooth Whitening is a procedure designed to lighten the color of your teeth using a hydrogen peroxide mixture. It produces maximum whitening results in the shortest possible time with minimum sensitivity. During the procedure, the whitening gel will be applied to your teeth 4 times for approximately 10 to 12 minute per session. For the duration of the entire treatment, a plastic cheek retractor will be placed in your mouth to help keep it open and your gums will be covered with a barrier to ensure isolation from the hydrogen peroxide gel. Before and after the treatment, the shade of your teeth will be assessed and recorded.

Pola Office Soothe

Pola Office Soothe is an advanced desensitizing gel containing potassium nitrate and fluoride. This is a take home gel to use with trays after the whitening procedure.

Whitestrips Professional

Crest Whitestrips professional 21 day whitening kit

Crest Whitestrips

We also offer the Crest Whitestrips Supreme 21 day kit.  This professional version is 80% more effective than regular Crest Whitestrips and 43% better whitening than Pro Effects  Whitestrips with longer strips for better coverage. Crest Whitestrips Supreme is the most powerful Crest treatment with the strongest concentration available and is not available at stores.



NOTE: All Whitening will only work on natural teeth.  It will NOT whiten caps, crowns veneers, fillings or dentures.

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