At-Home Tooth Whitening

The at-home bleaching method requires a visit to your hygienist for impressions of your teeth followed by an appointment to get fitted for your custom mouth trays. You will fill the tray with a bleaching gel provided by your hygienist and wear the combination either 15-30 minutes depending on the strength of the bleach dispensed and your desired outcome. The most effective way to whiten teeth is consecutively day after day so it is important to be sure you have the time and will remember to wear your trays.

There are over-the-counter options available for tooth whitening. However, in order to avoid the potential of damage to the teeth and gums the bleaching agents they contain are significantly weaker than those that can be obtained through a dental professional. Therefore, the results you might expect from these products are significantly limited as well. Without custom-made trays, the whitening mould is large and uncomfortable, and can result in uneven colour. Also the whitening gel is not confined to the mould and tends to spill out which may irritate your gums.

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