Persons with Disabilities

Dental Program

  • The BC Employment and Assistance Program’s dental program provides basic dental services to income assistance clients who are least likely to become financially independent – Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB).
  • Basic dental services are also provided to children covered by the BC Healthy Kids Program.

Basic Dental Coverage – PWD And PPMB Clients

  • Basic dental plan coverage is provided over two calendar years for PWD and PPMB.
  • PWD and PPMB (including spouses) have a maximum coverage limit of $1000 over two calendar years, beginning on January 1st of every odd numbered year.
  • Dental services beyond annual limits will be covered when emergency services are needed to relieve pain.
  • PWD and PPMB who have a dental condition that cannot be corrected through basic dental services and have a medical condition that prevents the use of a removable denture are also eligible for funding for crown and bridgework.
  • PWD and PPMB are eligible for funding for partial dentures, replacement dentures, or reline/re-base of dentures, based on the ministry’s fee schedule.
  • Through Medical Services Only coverage, certain categories of former recipients of income or disability assistance may retain eligibility for dental coverage when they leave assistance.

Basic Dental Coverage – Children

  • Dependent children under 19, including those receiving Child in Home of a Relative assistance and children eligible for dental services under the BC Healthy Kids Program have a $1400 maximum limit every two years, beginning on January 1st of every odd numbered year, starting in 2009.

Additional Dental Coverage

  • Children and persons with disabilities who require dental treatment in a hospital or private facility under a general anaesthetic are eligible for an additional $1000 per year, to cover the cost of treatment.
  • All clients who have had their complete upper and/or lower arch of teeth extracted in the previous six months for the relief of pain on recommendation of a dentist are eligible for funding for complete dentures (single or full) according to the ministry’s fee schedule.
  • All other income assistance clients and individuals receiving hardship assistance are eligible for emergency dental services to relieve pain.

Ministry’s Fee Schedule

  • Rates paid to dentists only apply to services for eligible clients under the BC Employment and Assistance Program’s dental program.
  • Rates are paid directly to dentists by the Ministry of Housing and Social Development to provide better access to dental services. This is not a reimbursement program requiring clients to pay up front and submit a claim.

To find out if you are eligible to access this program, contact your local practitioner.

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