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Located in Nanaimo’s Old City Quarter

Our clinic is unique: We are Nanaimo’s first and only private dental hygiene clinic. Located at 629 Wentworth Street in the Old City Quarter of Nanaimo, heritage charm welcomes you into a professional and friendly environment. Set among several other professional offices in the area, our atmosphere is relaxed during your procedure with aromatherapy, pillows and blankets followed by a hot towel treatment.
About Harbour City

About the office

Harbour City Dental Hygiene opened July 2003. We were a little behind schedule due to a fire at the early 1900’s house that was being renovated at 831 Comox Road. With support from each other, family, friends, and other dental hygienists we survived this crisis to develop a comfortable, relaxing environment in which to deliver dental hygiene services.

about the clinicMore about us: We are a completely latex free and mercury free office for those who are environmentally sensitive and we have the latest in dental hygiene equipment, including ultrasonics(power scalers) and prophy jets (power stain removers). This allows us to tailor treatment based on individual needs and make your dental hygiene experience a positive, comfortable and relaxing visit.

See you soon and Keep Your Smile Awhile!!

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